World Youth Day Leadership Training

Looking to Lisbon

Applications have now closed for the World Youth Day Leadership Training. Successful applicants will be contacted shortly.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be taking a group of young people to World Youth Day in Lisbon, August 2023. 

The pilgrimage will be two weeks and will include time in Porto, WYD in Lisbon and a chance to be with millions of young Catholics and Pope Francis.

To help prepare our young people for this amazing experience WYM is offering leadership and formation to a limited number of young people who will receive a 50% discount off the cost of the pilgrimage. WYM is looking for young people to commit to a series of monthly workshops on different leadership and faith topics and take on a supporting role leading up to and during the pilgrimage. 

Each application will need to be supported by a chaplain or priest who can recommend the applicant, support them with potential occasions to speak about World Youth Day and may consider allowing the young person to fundraise for the rest of their pilgrimage place.


Who is it for?

Young people between the ages of 17-25

When is it?

September 2022 – August 2023

How does it work?

 Every month there will be a workshop, activity or social for the group to learn new skills and get to know each other. 

Throughout the year there will be opportunities for public speaking at events, assisting with World Youth Day promotion and the potential to take a leadership role on the pilgrimage. 

What’s included?

Workshops on topics including; leadership, well-being, public speaking, prayer and communication.
A residential retreat and access to other events and trips
50% off the cost of a World Youth Day place

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