Year 10 Retreat

Calm my Storms

Through this retreat, the young people have the opportunity to discover God’s strong and central presence in every part of our lives, especially the storms that we face. The disciples were also in the boat together, facing the storm as a unit, while it is likely there were many boats on the lake, with the fishing industry being very large, significant, and influential at the time also.

Retreat Aim

Looking at the scripture in which the theme of this retreat derives from, we come across a situation in which the disciples are fearing for there lives, whereby they find themselves in the midst of a storm. The faith of the disciples is tested, and it isn’t until the disciples voluntarily go to Jesus (who was present with them throughout the whole duration of the storm), that the storm itself dissipates. Jesus clearly has authority over creation, meaning that there is nothing to fear upon knowing that he is always with us, loves us, and cares for us. However, we have to voluntarily go to him (we all have free will).

Upon discovering the presence of God everywhere, we all have choice how to respond in the storm. On Lake Galilee, the disciples were tested when a literal storm came upon them and in life we all experience storms of different nature and size, that can force us to decide a significant question: How do I respond to God in a storm?

It commonly falls to three categories: Either we view God as bad, absent, or good, and that this is an opportunity to grow closer to him.


This retreat provides a balanced platform to encounter Christ. A fundamental part of the retreat also comes with the session of a conversation-based forum where the young people are given a platform to express themselves on a variety of topics. In Exposition or Mass, the young people will truly meet in Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. The retreat also offers an opportunity for the writing of prayer cards and quiet reflection.

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