How to Ace Fundraising

Looking to raise some funds for a project, pilgrimage, or for another cause close to your heart? Here are our top tips.

1. Your story matters
You matter, and your community wants to see you thrive personally and spiritually. If they can share in your enthusiasm for the cause for which you are asking for their financial support, then they will be much happier to help out! Share your story with them, invite them to share in your journey.

2. Get your parish involved!
This is the perfect opportunity to get to know your parish community and bring everyone together. Offer your pilgrimage for their intentions and make it clear to them that you value them. Then you could organise an event they could all participate in and enjoy, for example a quiz night (these are a firm favourite!) or a talent show. The options are endless! Your parish community will feel proud of supporting one of their young people in their spiritual and personal growth.

3. Fundraising is a spiritual act
Usually, fundraising is considered by people to be a mere logistical step towards the spiritual cause for which the money is being raised. But fundraising itself is a spiritual act, that points communities towards heaven, teaches us about virtue and true Christian stewardship, and deepens Christ-centred relationships. Find out more here.

4. Time to get creative!
Is there a challenge you’ve always wanted to take on? A project you’ve been inspired to run? Or perhaps you want a chance to practice your public speaking skills and deliver an inspiring speech… The last thing fundraising should be is merely a collection-plate. This is time for you to step into your entrepreneurial skills, be bold, be creative, take on a new challenge, and do something that’ll benefit both your personal and spiritual journey, and your CV!

If you’re looking for some concrete project ideas for your fundraising efforts, we recommend this fantastic list put together by the NSPCC:

A-Z Fundraising Ideas (NSPCC)