It’s time to Stand Up and Be Bold.

We young people have a unique commission to boldness, restlessness, and action. Check out these organisations and opportunities and say your YES to God’s call to rise up!

Your thirst for truth, your cry of peace, your intuition about the future – We need these things!

These were the words of Pope Francis to young people in a speech he delivered on 12 January 2024. They reflect a powerful commission that we young people have received in this generation, which is to be bolder than ever before, to take this restlessness that characterises our culture today and allow it to fuel our efforts to transform our society.

We all know that restlessness… were are surrounded by confusions about our identities, our dignity, our purpose, how we should serve our society, the future, even what God’s presence in our lives looks like. Sometimes it feels impossible to find the answers we crave.

But the answers we seek are here, and our restlessness is a sign that we were created to find these answers. God encoded this into the very blueprint of our design, so these feelings are a crucial part of our human experience and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to become overwhelmed or disconnected out of fear. The hunger we have for a sense of belonging, to find our true identities, to find our purpose and to find the truth, this is our commission from God.

We were not born to become “young pensioners,” as Pope Francis warned us we would become if we sat on a sofa all day and did nothing about our restlessness and spiritual hunger.

So let this be the year we RISE UP and say “Here I am,” to our Father who created us with unique dignity, unique purpose, and all the tools we need for the job. Let us open our eyes in wonder at the beauty of the creation we get to be a part of, and let us allow our hearts to be moved by the call of our brothers and sisters in need. Check out the Catholic organisations below and get yourself involved. (This list will continue to grow, so check back regularly!)