Catholic groups in London and Hertfordshire

We’ve put together lots of the Catholic groups and organisations that you can get involved with in the Diocese of Westminster – from volunteer work to joining a community. You can use our filter tool below if you’re looking for something in particular.

Aid to the Church in Need

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) helps Christians in more than 130 countries, especially where they suffer persecution or oppression for their faith. The foundation of ACN’s activities is faith and love, which includes fidelity to the Holy Father and adherence to the Catholic Church. ACN’s mission is to advance the Christian religion by supporting and promoting the Church and to further the other charitable work of the Church. More >


The Augustinian Youth Ministry takes inspiration from Augustine’s restless search for God as a young man, and the importance of friends on his journey. The Augustinians wish to offer young people opportunities for encounters with Christ through meeting their peers who share their faith; accompanying them on this often restless stage of life in a spirit of friendship and encouraging young people to practise community by serving others. More >

Cardinal Hume Centre

The Cardinal Hume Centre is a charity based in central London, supporting people who feel they have nowhere to turn. It enables people to gain the skills they need to overcome poverty and homelessness. The Centre gives homeless young people, families in need and local people the support they need to realise their full potential. The Centre focuses on four areas of need: income, housing, education and skills, and legal status. More >


Caritas shares the mission of the Catholic Church to serve the poor and to promote charity and justice throughout the world. We are inspired by the Gospels, by the teachings of the Catholic Church and by the hopes of people living in poverty. We encourage everyone to respond to humanitarian disasters, to promote integral human development and to advocate on the causes of poverty and violence. More >

Carmelites (Friars)

What we call “Carmel” is really a way of life in which we try to be aware of the Presence of God in the most ordinary, everyday things. We’re contemplative, but we live out our service in the world. We’re prayerful, but we’re also practical. We were founded 800 years ago on a mountaintop, but we have our feet firmly planted in today’s problems and concerns. More >

Carmelites (Nuns)

The mission of the Carmelite is to enter, by the total gift of herself, into the saving mission of Christ, who gave himself for us that we might come to a fuller life in God, and who said: Love one another as I have loved you. The Carmelite is one with all people, everywhere, those who believe, those who search and those who do not know that they are searching, and she identifies with all that is great and worthy of humanity’s endeavour. More >

Catholic Voices

Catholic Voices is a project which began in the UK to improve the Church’s representation in the media, above all in news programs and debates. It started in 2010 for the UK visit of Pope Benedict XVI. Since then the project has grown in many ways in the UK and has spread quickly around the world: there are currently 12 active CV groups in the world, in Europe, the Americas and Australia. More >


Celebrate is a Holiday Conference for Christians of all ages. It runs during Easter week and is organised by a team from Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Our vision is to offer you a spring event which combines good Christian teaching and celebration, with an opportunity to relax and enjoy a short break after the winter – in other words, refreshment for body, mind and spirit for all the family during the Easter Holidays. More >


If we are to fulfil Christ’s command to preach the Gospel to everyone, we must first attain a comprehensive and authentic knowledge of the Catholic faith. To attain deeper knowledge, however, requires good teaching. Such teaching needs to communicate authentic Catholic truth in effective and inspiring ways. New technologies have greatly facilitated communications, especially of beautiful images that illuminate the eternal truths of the Gospel. More >

FAITH Movement

The Faith Movement aims to support the Church’s New Evangelisation through fostering a deeper vision of Jesus Christ as the key to the meaning of the universe and of our own lives. The movement is a free collaboration of priests, religious and lay people. It publishes a magazine and pamphlets. It holds conferences for young people and symposia and talks for all ages. It offers within the Church a new insight into the Catholic faith, based on a synthesis of divine revelation with contemporary reflections upon science. More >


The Focolare movement is an international movement, inspired by the Gospel, working for unity in all spheres of life. For over sixty years it has drawn together people of all Christian traditions and from many of the world’s religions, alongside people with no formal faith, who share the aim of building a united world. It embraces not only Catholics, but also Christians of different Churches and ecclesial communities. More >


The primary mission of our community is a wholehearted embracing of Jesus Christ and our Holy Father St. Francis. Through our commitment to prayer and contemplation, the study of Sacred Scripture, and our fidelity to the Church and the Sacraments, our fraternal life, and our generous service to others, especially the poor, we receive nourishment necessary to live out our lives as sons of St. Francis in the Capuchin tradition. More >

The Friends of Westminster Cathedral

The Friends are Westminster Cathedral’s Society, founded by Cardinal Hume in 1977 to support the upkeep of the cathedral and its musical life and decorative embellishment. Events are held on a regular basis, which in recent years have included a number coordinated by the young friends. All are most welcome to apply for membership. More >

Gaudete young adults (French)

Gaudete is a French-speaking group for young professionals and students who wish to live, share and grow their faith. Throughout the year, we organise a number of events: The group meets twice per month in the evening (on the first and third Monday) for prayer, faith-sharing, reflection/meditation, biblical studies, etc. We organise a monthly Sunday mass at 6pm (on the second Sunday). The group also goes on weekend retreats for Advent and Lent. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via: More >

Gen Verde

Gen Verde is a group of musicians and performing artists with a distinctly international profile. The current line-up is 21 women from 13 different countries. The band’s original style of music has evolved with the arrival of each new member. Gen Verde’s current concert includes rock and pop rock songs often with an original twist influenced by the group’s own rich cultural and ethnic mix. More >

Guild of St Stephen

The Guild of St Stephen is an international organisation of Altar Servers founded in England in 1904. It encourages, positively and practically, the highest standards of serving at the Church’s liturgy and so contribute to the whole community’s participation in a more fruitful worship of God. More >