Guided Reflection: The Eyes Of Christ

guided reflection eyes of christ

Age Range
Number of Participants
10-15 minutes

About the reflection

The main aim of this guided reflection is to help those listening encounter the gaze of Christ with the aid of scripture references as well as leading in some reflective questions to answer in their head. It can be done with most school age groups.

It is a visual imagination prayer so very few extra resources are needed. You might like to have a focal point in the room such as a candle or a crucifix, but nothing too over the top.

The text is written in a way that is easy to read out from beginning to end, word for word. There are also instructions for when to pause and let the participants answer a question in their head.

Getting comfortable

The look of Jesus can change your life. Let us realise how Jesus looks upon us. He always looks at us with love, and so we turn to Jesus now with our prayers and our thoughts. Lord, you are here among us, right now. Fix your gaze on me and tell me what I need to hear. Tell me what I must do. Tell me how to continue on the path you have laid out before me.

I am going to guide you in a time of reflection now. We will be journeying with one of Jesus’s disciples, Peter, and we will see how Jesus turned his gaze upon him at three different occasions. I will guide you through this and ask you some questions. Remain still, listen to each question and answer them in the silence of your heart.

First Gaze

When Jesus first met his apostle, Peter “Jesus fixed his gaze upon him and said, ‘You are Simon, son of John; you will be called Peter. That was the first gaze, the gaze of calling” and Peter responded enthusiastically.

Jesus gazes at you. He calls you by name. Will you respond enthusiastically like Peter? (PAUSE)

Second Gaze

Then, after Jesus had been arrested and Peter denied Jesus three times, he feels the gaze of Jesus again and he “weeps bitterly”. The enthusiasm of following the Lord was turned into tears because he had sinned, he had denied Jesus. This was a gaze that changed his heart. This was the gaze of love and forgiveness.

Sometimes, we can know that Jesus has called us, but we forget that loving gaze and we become fearful. Peter was fearful at being caught by the authorities for being a follower of Jesus. What are we fearful of? . (PAUSE) Let us be secure that there is no fear with Jesus, but if we do fear and flee, he is always ready to forgive us if we come back to him. (SHORT PAUSE)

Third Gaze

The third gaze, is where Jesus looks at Peter, and asks him if he loves him. “Yes, Lord, you know I love Peter he replied.  “Feed my sheep” Jesus says. This gaze, confirms Peter’s mission to feed Christs flock but it also asks Peter to confirm his love for Jesus.

Do we truly love the Lord? Would we be ready to feed those in need? We can say that we love the Lord, but how might we be able to show it? (PAUSE)

Final Gaze

Now, ask yourself, “How is Jesus gazing upon me? As he looks at you, is he calling your name? As he looks at you, is he trying to say that you are forgiven? As he looks at you maybe he is even calling you to mission! A mission that is yours alone! What is he saying to you? Let us listen in silence.

Finish with a short silence (or relevant song)