Pentecost Meditation

Pentecost meditation

Age Range
Number of Participants
10-15 minutes

Quick Overview

Pentecost was the transforming moment when the disciples fully received the Spirit and overcame their fears. This Pentecost-themed meditation helps your young people to relate the story of Pentecost to their own lives.


Any number can do this activity; the limiting factor is how many you can fit lying down on the floor together.


  • Enough space for the group to lie down without being squashed. If this is not possible this can be done sitting down on chairs instead.
  • (Optional) Blankets to make the floor softer and less cold.
  • Relaxed Music: A great musician for this is Ludovico Einaudi 
  • (Optional) A prayer display


  • Start by creating a playlist of relaxed music tracks to be played quietly in the background.
  • You will likely not need a speaker for your music as it’s only meant to break the silence – but if necessary for a large room, do a quick sound check to make sure it can be heard everywhere but not too loud.
  • For those using a prayer display or blankets, lay these out.
  • If you can lower the light a little bit, this is a good tactic for creating a reflective atmosphere.
  • If you are having them sat on chairs, spread the chairs out, far away from one another.

Running a Pentecost meditation

  • Begin by inviting the young people to come into the area you have created and to lie down on their backs. If you have opted to have them sit on chairs, direct them to sit on these.
  • Make sure all the young people are well spread out and do not have their heads near one another. Try to as much as possible keep them all out of each other’s arm distance. Take as long as necessary to do this as more time sorting this out here will mean even some of the toughest groups get a lot from the activity later on.
  • Once you have got everyone in place, we have prepared a script to read which can be found herePlease note that the script has been written for a group who are lying down. If your group is sitting, we suggest changing the phrases to address this.
  • While one person is reading the script, it is beneficial to have another leader who can quietly move around the room to ensure everyone is remaining silent and not distracting one another.