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Age Range
Number of Participants
30-60 minutes

Quick Overview

Great as a prayer for younger or creative groups. Young people shape the play-dough into what they want to pray for and then transform the shape into what they want to happen.


Play-dough, A Prayer focus, optional music.


Create some display to focus the young people’s attention on the prayer. You may like to turn down the lights to create more atmosphere and play some reflective music. If you are doing this as a prayer station, place the play-dough around the focus and have instructions written up which you can place by the station.

Run through

Explain to the young people the following:

“For this prayer, first think of someone or something you want to pray for. Take the play-dough and mould it into a shape to represent this thing. As you do, think about the person or thing you are praying for; what good thing about them do you want to say thank you for? What difficulties are there with this person or thing you want God’s help to deal with?

“Once you have moulded the play-dough into the shape you’re using to represent what you’re praying for, and have reflected on the above questions, mould the same play-dough into what you would like God to influence about the thing you’re praying for.”

Participants of the prayer can repeat this process as many times as they like, praying for as many different things as they feel called to at that moment.

This prayer works well with groups who are particularly creative, fidgety or tactile.