School Staff Retreats

Through this school staff retreat, teachers and school staff will be able to explore the beauty of the mission the Lord has entrusted upon them, by helping them to see that their job is, in fact, the vocation through which God calls them to holiness, and through which they can attain Heaven.

Icebreakers, team-building games and reflective based activities will help your school staff to see that they are all working to fulfil the same task: accompanying children and young people on their learning journey; this plays one of the most important roles in shaping up their future, and it turn the future of the society we live in.

We know that in a Catholic school this journey has a more profound impact in the children’s lives; not only will they be equipped with the tools they need to succeed in life, but this is done in the presence of their Father and Creator. By offering your school staff a Spiritual and Personal Encounter with Christ, we hope to be able to help them to realize that they are not alone. This task, so onerous and joyous, and yet at times so hard to fulfil, is being aided by the Holy Spirit, which offers us all His help in fulfilling our mission.

 The day will conclude with the ultimate encounter with Christ in adoration, which is followed by a hot lunch.

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