Year 7 Retreat

Follow Me

Through this retreat, the young people explore what it is like to follow someone, ultimately Jesus.

Retreat Aim

The aim of this retreat is to explore the Bible verse of Matthew 4:18-22, which shows that Jesus is calling us to follow him as we are. He is also inviting us to bring others to follow him and help them do this.

This retreat reminds the young people that anyone can follow Jesus. We look at how we can follow Jesus in our life through the activities we do throughout the day.


An example of an activity we do on this retreat is called ‘me in a hot air balloon’ where the young people make a hot air balloon out of paper and on each side of the balloon they write about a different aspect of their life.

For example, one side is about ‘me’ another side ‘family’ and ‘faith’. The idea behind the balloon is that you do not always know where the balloon will end up because the wind directs it.

Just like in scripture when Jesus asked Andrew and Simon called Peter as well as James and John to follow him. However, they did not question where they were going, or why, they just left. Each aspect that is looked at in the balloon is unique, no two balloons are exactly the same. Jesus asks us to follow him as we are.


“I liked playing games in the group, it was so fun. I loved the grounds”

“The retreat helped me to get closer to God. I learnt more about my faith”

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