5 things I’m looking forward to about World Youth Day

By Elliot Johnson

Elliot, 18, is one of our Looking to Lisbon leaders. Here he writes about the 5 things he’s looking forward to at World Youth Day.

Firstly, what excites me most about the pilgrimage is the opportunity to experience the holy sacrifice of the Mass in company with people my age. Worshipping God amongst those who are a similar age as myself encourages me to strive harder for that common vision we share of heaven and also connect with them through our shared experience.

I look forward to seeing the Pope at World Youth Day who is given the profound responsibility of being the Vicar of Christ to pass down the traditions handed on by Jesus and govern the Church. Despite the difficulties of modern times the Pope acts as a beacon of light trying to direct our gaze towards the King of the Universe.

As a young Catholic, I look to the Pope for moral inspiration and direction of how to live a saintly life.

To be able to see and hear him up close I hope will deepen my sense of the holy. Portugal’s culture also interests me. As well as the beautiful sun-kissed beaches, Portugal is a place of many inspirational figures and of a vast history which I look forward to exploring.

Portugal is renowned for its love for Piri-Piri chicken and custard tarts which are some of my favourite foods. As well as this some of my favourite footballers come from Portugal including: Diego Jota, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo. I also have an interest in St Anthony of Padua and Our Lady of Fatima.

I have a special devotion to Our Lady of Fatima since she provides a message to our modern age which is relevant and urgent to act upon. We must still act as missionaries of Christ and help to convert others, ourselves and make reparation for sins.

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