Back to Base

Back to base

Age Range
Number of Participants
5-10 minutes

Quick Overview

A base is decided and young people must run away and hid. They must then try and get back to base a quick as possible without getting caught. This game is great for outdoor fun.

Game type


Time Scale

5 minutes per round

Supplies you’ll need


How to lead Back to Base

  • Gather your group together and explain that the next activity is called ‘back to base’.
  • Explain that in this challenge they will first have 20 second to run and hide before they must then try and be the quickest back to base.
  • Allocate a base for the activity. It can be anything from a wall to a cone. We suggest a tree as a good standard, as it is easily visible and approachable from all sides.
  • Explain that stopping them from getting back to base will be one of them who will be the first catcher.
  • The first catcher job is to stop people getting back to base by tapping them and saying ‘caught’, ‘tag’ or something similar.
  • When someone is caught by a catcher, that person joins the catchers in their task to catch the rest of the group.
  • Young people win a round of back to base if they manage to reach the base and shout ‘safe’, before being caught. You may also like to have a special price for the first back each round but this is of course optional.
  • If everyone is caught the victor is the first catcher.
  • Once one round is over you can repeat as many times as you like, choosing a different person to be the first catcher every time.