Blindfold game

Blindfold Game

Age Range
Number of Participants
1-5 minutes

Quick overview

How do you find your way when you have lots of voices telling you different things?!

Supplies you’ll need

  1. Blindfold
  2. Chair
  3. Players

Game play

Select a volunteer who leaves the room with a team member and is blindfolded. They receive the instructions that, when they go back in the room, they will be given different instructions; they have to find out the right instructions and follow them to complete the activity.

Back in the room, whilst volunteer 1 is being blindfolded, select another three volunteers. To these you explain that Vol 1 is being blindfolded. To complete the activity, Vol 1 has to sit in a designated chair. However, only Vol 2 will be telling truthful instructions, Vol 3 and 4 can give any other instructions to get Vol 1 to not sit in the designated chair. No players can touch Vol 1. The game is finished when Vol 1 sits in the chair.

Discussion points: How do we identify God’s voice amongst the noise? Who do we trust?