Bim, Bam, Bom!


Age Range
Number of Participants
1-5 minutes

Quick overview

Quick, funny and repeatable. A fast pace game where you need to say your word as fast as you can.

Supplies you’ll need




Game run-through

Arrange people into a circle. Explain that basically all they have to do is say one of three words, either ‘bim’,’bam’ or ’bom’, when it comes around to them. The word they say is determined by where they are sat as the person who starts a round says ‘bim’, the second says ‘bam’ and the third says ‘bom’. This sequence is then repeated with everyone else in the circle and continues until someone slips up.

The key twist to the game is that everyone only has half a second to say their word. If they mispronounce their word, say the wrong word, laugh when saying their word, stumble on their word or do anything other than say their word at the right time, they are out of the game.

When someone loses a round, the game restarts with them no longer playing. You may want to change the direction you go round the circle to increase difficulty, but, as it’s quite fast-paced anyway, people will drop out quickly and those who aren’t in the round are still very involved.

The one part of this game that can be a bit difficult to run is when you only have three people left, as it is easier in that round since each person is saying the same word again and again. The way to compensate for the easiness of this round is to mention before it starts that this round is far more about keeping a straight face and not laughing that being able to say the right word. By telling them not to laugh it automatically makes not laughing difficult and what could be an awkward round a funny one.

The winner is the last one standing.