‘Snowball’ Fight

Paper balls

Age Range
Number of Participants
5-10 minutes

Quick overview

A fast-pace contest where young people must have the fewest ‘snowballs’ in their zone by the end of the game.

Supplies you’ll need

Lots of scrunched up paper balls and something(s) to split the room in half (e.g. cones, tape, chairs).



Game type


Game run-through

To prepare the game, divide the room in half with something and split the young people in half – one lot on one side and the other lot on the other.

The scrunched up paper balls will be your snowballs and its worth having two black bags full so you can dump a roughly equal amount on either sides area at the start of the game.

Before you dump the paper out of the bag on their sides, explain that they have a time limit of X amount and to win they must have cleared their zone the most by throwing the ‘snowballs’ at the other team.

From here you can let carnage unfold and keep them up to date on how long they have left. A nice time limit is 90-120 seconds, as its long enough for them to have a great time throwing the paper but short enough that it won’t drag towards the end.

Once the time limit has run out, have the young people stand at the back of their zone so you can tell which team has won the game. It doesn’t have to be an exact count; its easiest if you just make a snap first decision.

You may want to have a penalty for any team which keeps throwing paper after the time limit. It’s important to tell them about the penalty at the start of the game so they don’t keep throwing and, if they do, they don’t feel unjustly penalised.

Safety Note

Ensure the floor is clear of any trip hazards

A Safety zone between the two sides can prevent the young people from accidently clashing heads or bumping into each other. You can create one by just widening the divide between the teams and telling them that any ‘snowballs’ that fall within the safety zone do not count towards either side.