Balloon Antlers

Balloon Antlers

Age Range
Number of Participants
5-10 minutes

Quick Overview

A fun game where two teams place tights on a member of their teams’ head and the winner is the team who fills these tights the best.

Supplies you’ll need

Lots of Balloons (small, six inch balloons work best), Tights (one per team), Scissors.


Cut the feet off the tights.

Run through

Have your group split into teams of 2-5, and give each team a pair of tights with the feet cut off. Have the teams pick a member of their group who will put the tights on their head like a hat.

The challenge for the rest of the group is to fill the tights with balloons, by quickly blowing them up and squeezing the balloons down the legs of the tights so that it fills them, making them stand up on the young people’s head like an antler.

Give the teams two minutes to complete the challenge and then judge who has won by who you think has created the best antlers.