Easter Jars

Easter Jars - When we finished we stuck a prayer on the jar which we can say before we take out a piece of paper.

Number of Participants
30-60 minutes

Quick overview

We know a lot about lent, when it starts and when it finishes, and it can feel like a long time. But do you know that Catholics spend longer celebrating Easter than we do preparing for it in Lent?

So to help us ‘Celebrate Easter’ we are setting ourselves something to do or think about each day of the Easter season. We used saint quotes, challenges and teats.

This session is a really nice one where you want an activity but also can be sitting and chatting. Also a great way to start living faith in the day to day.

Supplies you’ll need

  • Jar per person (or another container to hold the paper squares in)
  • Lots of paper squares (blank version) – you need 50 for each person if you are doing the full seven weeks: some with saint quotes, some with challenges like ‘compliment someone today’, some with treats (buy some ice cream and eat it today!) and some blank for them to write their own

Leading the Activity

What to say:

Explain that we are going to be doing an activity today to help us celebrate Easter – all seven weeks of it! Often we do well in Lent because we have set a specific goal, then come Easter Sunday we celebrate and then by Easter Monday it’s all over and life goes on as normal… right? NO! We should be intentionally celebrating!

As Christians we celebrate in different ways. We can celebrate by pondering God’s goodness and the ways in which he is moving in our lives and give thanks for it. Our celebrations can be treats for ourselves, where we have some chocolate or something else we enjoy, and we also celebrate by loving those around us well, just as Christ loved us.

What to do:

We put on some music and let people cut and fold their paper squares, and fill their jars.

When we finished, we stuck a prayer in the jar which we can say before we take out a piece of paper. Our prayer was “Jesus, help me to see the risen you in my day today”.