Building a biscuit sculpture

Building a biscuit sculpture

Age Range
Below 14
Number of Participants
20-30 minutes

Quick Overview

This team activity involves groups building a biscuit scultpure out of biscuits and buttercream. The team who create the best sculpture as judged by you is the winner.


This is a great activity that can be done with any number as long as you have the resources!

Supplies you’ll need

  • Biscuits: Any brick shaped biscuit will work, we generally suggest shortbread as they are sturdier than most. You will need to buy quite a lot of these but they are both cheap and easy to find at most supermarkets. A single large pack of the supermarkets own shortbread per team will do.
  • Buttercream: Premade butter cream can be bought quite cheap here or if you want to make it yourself why not follow this recipe.
  • Trays: Each team you do this activity with will require a tray

Age range

While this activity was designed for younger groups it can work just as well with older groups if you think they’d enjoy it.


  • This activity is easiest done on tables so we suggest one table per group.
  • Before starting this activity split up the resources so that each group will have enough biscuits and buttercream readily available on their table.
  • The trays you use will likely need a clean before the activity as the young people will undoubtedly want to eat some of their creation!

How to run building a biscuit sculpture

  • Begin by having your group split into small groups of up to 6 people.
  • Explain that in their groups their job will be to build the best looking and tallest/longest structure with the resources they will be given.
  • Give them their time limit of roughly 20-30 minutes and explain their will be an additional challenge for whichever team works best together and keeps everyone involved.
  • Once you give the group the resources, float around the groups to make sure everyone is getting involved and working together.
  • At the end of the time limit examine the structures and name your winner. You may like to have a reward for the victorious team but this is not necessarily needed because this activity can end in a very fun eating session where the groups can eat their creation.

Variations of building a biscuit sculpture

It isn’t crucial that you build a structure, it can be anything. If you are having a prayer session later with the group, and there is a significant item or scene in the scripture you’re using, why not build that as a fun intro into the service later.