Do this, Do that

Do this, Do that

Age Range
Number of Participants
1-5 minutes

Quick overview

Similar to ‘Simon says’, Do this, do that works great with any size group. When an action is done and you say “do this” they must follow it, when you do an action saying “do that” they must not do it.

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Game run-through

  • Get your group to stand in a circle or in a place where they can easily see you.
  • Explain that to succeed in this game all they need to do is follow instructions, without delay.
  • The twist is they must only follow actions you do when you say “Do this” if they don’t do actions when you say “do this” – or they do actions when you say “do that” – they are out and have to sit down.
  • As the leader, your job is to say either “do this” or “do that” every time you do a different action. Actions can be whatever you like but the game works best when they are repetitive ones that keep them moving e.g. swinging a leg, clapping their hands, certain dance move etc.
  • We suggest in general to be slightly harsher with your judgements as to who is in and out. This helps even the better young people have a more difficult challenge.
  • As the rounds go on, give commands quicker and be stricter with whose in or out.
  • Your winner is the one who lasts the longest without any faults. If the game is going on long and you want to finish it, it works just as well to give the victory to all remaining competitors.