Egg Toss

Egg Toss

Age Range
Below 14
Number of Participants
15-20 minutes

Quick overview

Egg Toss is a fun race where you paint an egg and then race it down the hill by tossing it down as fast as possible without causing it to crack!

Supplies you’ll need

  • 1x Egg per person
  • Enough felt-tip pens for your group to paint their eggs. Although paint tends to look better, it doesn’t dry so well, so unless you do the game in two parts it can be messy.
  • A hill/field
  • Optional reward


We strongly suggest hard-boiling the eggs you are going to use; however, if you’re doing this with older young people, it can be a bit of messy fun using raw eggs.

How to lead Egg Toss

  • Begin by explaining that the group is going to have a race down a hill. The twist is that instead of them racing, they are going to have an egg which will be their competitor.
  • To add a bit of art and craft, explain that once they are given their egg they have to decorate it and make it their own. A time limit is best to be set and generally 10 minutes tends to be long enough. You may like to make this into a competition of its own, with a price for the best-painted egg.
  • Once the eggs are decorated, take them to a field, with a strong preference for one with a large hill. Mark out a start and finish point and explain that they must race down the hill (or across the field) by tossing their egg as far as possible.
  • Everyone must toss their eggs at the same time and you can control this by counting down each time e.g.: “1, 2, 3, toss!”
  • Try and keep the throwing of the eggs quite regular as this’ll make it hard for them to keep their eggs unbroken and add to the panic.
  • Explain that when they have finished and got to the end, you will inspect the finalist’s eggs. The number of finalists you have depends on the number of young people you have. If you have below 10 it is the first 3 to have finished. When it is above 10 it is the first 5 to finish. If it is above 50 it’s the first 10 to have finished.
  • The finalist who’s egg has the least number of cracks is the winner.
  • As a secondary competition, you could also award the fastest person to complete the race with the least amount of damage to their egg.