Guess the Person

Age Range
Number of Participants
30-60 minutes

Quick overview

Also known as The Name Game or Fishbowl, this game works best with smaller groups – around 8-12 people; so if you have a big group, it’s best to split up and play multiple games.

Equipment needed

Pens, Paper, Basket or hat.

Game run-through

Each person should write down the names of 10 people – either famous people or people everyone in the group knows. Get people to cut their pieces of paper up so there’s one name per piece of paper. Go around and collect them in a basket or hat. You should have quite a few names in the basket.

Split into 2 or 3 teams (each team having around three or four members).

Round One

Pick a team to start – one member of that team gets the basket of names, picks out a name, and has to try and describe that person to the other members of his team. Once they guess correctly, pull out another name from the hat and so on. The team has one minute to go through as many names as they can. If they get stuck on a name, they can pass and move onto the next name. Names that are guessed successfully, put in a separate pile, those that are ‘passed’ put back in the basket. When the minute is up, add up the total number of names guessed, and add that to the team’s score.  Move onto the next team who do the same as above. This continues until all the names have been used up or ‘guessed’.

Round Two

Similar to Round 1 but you can only use one word to describe the person to your group. The group will be aware of all the names in the basket (from round 1) so it is easier than it sounds. Score a point per name guessed as above.

Round Three

Same as previous rounds but this time, you have to ‘act’ out the person without speaking.

Add up the scores at the end to see who wins!