Laser Quest

Laser Quest

Age Range
Number of Participants
30-60 minutes

Quick overview

Laser Quest is a great team-building activity that’s great fun for a youth group. Usually there is a site to do it under 30 minutes away, so no matter where you are it should hopefully be possible.

Supplies you’ll need

  • Money to pay – as this is a special day out, we suggest normally asking the young people to subsidise the cost a little bit. However much you and they pay will vary on where you end up going.
  • A couple of bottles of water: To re-hydrate people who need it.


  • When organising this trip it is important to get a parental consent form from all young people and to fill out a risk assessment form. If you need help with either of these, please contact us at
  • Make sure you sort out a way of getting your group to the site for laser quest. This can be done in several ways:
    • Mini bus
    • Group travels by public transport together
    • Group is dropped off individually at the laser quest site where you are waiting to meet them.

Leading the Activity

  • The first thing to do will be to find out where the closest laser quest arenas are and how much they charge. Most centres will have package deals for groups and discounts for those under 16, so it’s useful to shop about if possible.
  • Laser quest rounds are normally about 20 -30 minutes long depending where you are and because of the high energy nature of it we generally suggest 2-3 rounds, depending on your group.
  • Once you have decided where to go (which you will have needed to plan several sessions in advance of actually going), raise the opportunity with the youth group and hand out parental consent forms at the end of the session. Explain you will need to have these filled in to allow you to take them.
  • Try and get them to get these back to you ASAP, as there will often be a further discount for pre-booking.
  • On the day of Laser Quest, feel free to get involved as much as you like. Centres will have staff who will walk you through everything. If you do have younger groups or those who may get nervous, having you or one of your adult volunteers outside the arena in case anyone needs it can be useful.