Name Bogies

Name Bogies

Age Range
Number of Participants
1-5 minutes

Quick Overview

A simple but fun game where the aim is to have your name shouted the loudest. Great for learning names and energising a group.

Game type

Name Game/Energiser


Any number

Supplies you’ll need


Run through

Groups are arranged into a circle and asked if they have ever heard or played a game called ‘bogie’. You then explain how the same principle to that game applies here except instead of gradually saying ‘bogies’ louder and louder, they will be saying and then shouting their name.

You start quietly with a whisper and, going around the circle, they have to get louder and louder until everyone is shouting their name as loud as they can. The best way to get them to shout is to emphasize they have to be louder than the person before them.

Depending on the group, you may find they’ll only be willing to go as loud as you. In this case it’ll be up to you that every time it comes around to you to raise the volume level.

With a group of 8-12 young people, going around the circle 3-4 times is normally enough to get everyone bellowing their name and having a laugh. Before you go around for the last time, you may like challenge them particularly that time to shout as loud as they can.

The ridiculousness of the game helps the young people to be more open to sharing and talking with each other as through the process of the game they have all removed any pretence of being ‘to cool’ to chat with one another, as a few moments ago they were bellowing nonsense.

To be aware of

Certain young people, particularly some with autism or Down syndrome, may have an aversion to loud noises; in which case this game is best not played.