Separate the Sweets – with boxing gloves

Separate the sweets

Age Range
Number of Participants
1-5 minutes

Quick overview

Participants mush first open and then divide up a bag of Haribo/Skittles/Jelly Babies while wearing boxing gloves.

Game type



2+ but limited by the number of boxing gloves you have to hand.

Supplies you’ll need

  • Boxing Gloves for all those taking part
  • Packet of sweets for all those involved

Game run-through

This game works well either as a small group activity or as a timed activity where a volunteer from each team must do the activity.

  • Explain to the group that to complete the activity they need to break open the Haribo bag and then separate the sweets into the different groups/colours found within.
  • Explain that the twist is they have to do this activity wearing boxing gloves.
  • From here the activity can either be done as a timed task, which works well when you only have a few of a larger group actively doing it, or as a race to see who can complete the fastest. This second option works well for when all members of a group are involved.
  • You may like to have some high energy music in the background to heighten the atmosphere.
  • An additional rule you may like to add is that it must be done on a table and they loose points for any sweet that falls on the floor.