Toilet paper tower race

Toilet Tower

Age Range
Number of Participants
1-5 minutes

Quick overview

Needing precision, agility and speed, the racers must build the tallest tower possible out of toilet paper rolls.

Game type




Supplies you’ll need

Lots of toilet paper rolls – roughly 15 per participant.

Game run-through

This game works best when a volunteer is chosen to represent their team to go up against volunteers from other teams. For this reason, it’s quite a good game for a ‘sports night’ type event, where groups are in teams and certain rounds require them to choose volunteers.

Explain that their challenge is to build the tallest tower in 90 seconds purely using toilet paper. The only way that they can place the rolls is one atop another; they can’t place a roll upon any more than one role, which results in making it a rather difficult balancing game. If their tower falls within the 90 seconds they can restart but, once the 90 seconds are over, the tower must stand unsupported for five seconds to count.

Place all the toilet paper in a stack between all the participants so that they can all easily pick up the rolls but restrict them to only picking up one at a time to stop any hoarders.

Encourage the teams to shout support to their volunteer to get everyone involved and increase the atmosphere.

You may like to add additional challenges, like trying to build higher than a set number of roles to entice them to build higher, more unstable towers.