Trust Circle

Trust Circle

Age Range
Number of Participants
1-5 minutes

Quick overview

Testing a group’s trust in one another, this challenge requires all to trust or all will fall.

Supplies you’ll need


 Game run-through

Have the group stand in a circle and all turn so that their left shoulder faces into the circle. They need to be quite close because the next thing they need to do is all sit down together so they end up all being held up by the knees of the person behind them. You as the leader can count them in and either they’ll end up failing, sprawled out on the floor, or succeeding, held up by each other. It may take a few attempts but hopefully they’ll eventually manage it.

Safety and safeguarding

As this game requires difficult movements, ensure that the group isn’t too close to any walls or things they may fall over or into.

As the game requires a lot of physical contact, we suggest that as leaders you keep a supervisory role as this just ensures you aren’t caught up in any unwanted situation.

This game is not appropriate for those with broken/sprained bones or those who require the use of crutches or wheelchairs.