Nature Art

Nature Art

Age Range
Below 14
Number of Participants
20-30 minutes

Quick Overview

A fun, outdoor activity, Nature Art involves young people creating images using the bits of nature they find on the ground. This is a great activity for getting young people interacting with, and appreciating, God’s creation.

Supplies you’ll need

  • None

How to lead Nature Art

  • First you will need to bring your group to a park or field where they can get their resources.
  • Split your group into small groups of up to seven people.
  • Explain that in this activity they will need to create the best art work using the natural materials around them.
  • Due to us not wanting to damage the local habitat, give them the additional challenge that they can only use dead material e.g. fallen sticks, stones, leaves etc.
  • You may like to set them a theme that their natural art centres around; two things we find works well are animals and bible stories.
  • Once you have explained the rules, give them 20-30 minutes to go hunt for resources and make their artwork.
  • After they have finished, celebrate each of the art pieces and, if you’re having a winning team, make your decision.
  • Once you have finished the activity, you may like to end the session with a prayer reflection about God’s presence in nature.