Age Range
Number of Participants
1-5 minutes

Quick Overview

Simple, fun and repeatable. Test the young people’s reactions and get the blood pumping in this challenge to find the splat master.

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Game Play

There are many ways of playing this game; here is one of the simplest and most enjoyable.

Have the young people stand up in a circle around you. Explain that you are the splat master and that through this game you hope to find the new splat master. You’ll do this by having a splat show down; this works by having you in the middle splatting someone in the circle. When this happens, that person ducks and the person on their left and right turn and splat each other. The fastest person stays in the game, the slowest sits down.

The way you, or anyone, ‘splats’ someone else is by making a pistol with your hands and fingers, extending your arms towards the person you want to splat and shouting splat at the desired person. As the person in the middle, you’ll want to make it clear who you’re splatting and the best way to do that is really extending your arms.

Additional rules to help the game run well are:

  • If the person you splat does not duck before the person on their left and right splat each other, they are out and will have to sit down. You may like to explain this as that the person has just been splatted in both sides of the head by the people around them and therefore has to sit out.
  • If someone shouts splat when they’re not supposed to, they are out. You may like to explain this as that the person has been ‘splat happy’, wasted all their ammunition and because splat fuel is very expensive and hard to come by they will have to sit out as well.
  • If you can’t hear them say ‘splat’ it doesn’t count. You may like to explain this as splat pistols do not have silencers and are very loud; therefore, if you can’t hear it, clearly you haven’t shot it.
  • Only the word ‘Splat’ counts. No ‘Bang’, ‘Splash’, ‘Boom’ etc. This just ensures an even playing field. Technically, the word does not have to be ‘splat’ but it is helpful to ensure everyone is saying the same word.
  • When you, the leader, shout ‘Splat Bomb’ everyone has to hit the floor as soon as possible; the last to do so is out and will have to sit down.

As the game progresses you will have fewer and fewer people standing in the circle. To keep people involved, when they’re out explain that they are now your judges and therefore if a round is too close for you to call, you’ll defer to their judgement.

Eventually, you’ll have only two people remaining. At this point, it’s quite nice to get everyone to give the finalists a round of applause. Once done, however, explain that while they’ve both done very well, there can only be one winner and to decide who it is they will have a splat duel; have the finalist stand back to back in the middle, explain for every word you say they must take a step forward. When you eventually say ‘splat’ they must turn around and splat each other – the fastest is the winner.