Strawberry Laces Races

Strawberry Laces Races

Age Range
Number of Participants
5-10 minutes

Quick overview

A hilarious relay race where you must be the quickest to eat a strawberry lace without your hands.

Game type


Supplies you’ll need

Strawberry Laces


2+ (While there is no technical upper limit on teams, 8-10 young people per group tends to work best).

Game run-through

Split the group into teams of equal size and then have them sit in lines either on the floor or on chairs. Explain that in their teams they are going to have a relay race where the winner is the team which finishes their strawberry laces the quickest.

The race starts at one end of the line and works its way down to the other end. Participants can only start eating their strawberry lace when the person before them has finished. The twist that adds the challenge is that they can’t use anything but their mouth to aid in eating the lace; everyone puts the end of a lace in their mouth at the start of the game and puts their hands behind their back. They can only pull more into their mouth by using their tongue and lips.

So that you can keep track of where each team is, and make sure no one is cheating, it’s helpful to tell the young people that when it is their turn to eat the lace they need to stand up, and when they’re done they must sit down.

To help prevent cheating, alert the young people that you will hand out ten second penalties to anyone breaking the rules in which their team will be unable to continue for ten seconds.